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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Why new WU give so small credits? (Message 343)
Posted 2046 days ago by Profile Conan
Problem is fixed.
New portion of workunits (*ss5) started.
It has smaller CPU for WU.

Not really, the ss5 WU's still have one of the lowest cr/effort of any project.
And I am still getting a lot of ss4 WU's.

So how are you determining the fixed value for the WU's?
The original Asymptotic analysis in combinatorics of words WU's with credits of 11.37 had a reasonable (on par with SETI) cr/effort.
The Advanced ss2 WU's (11.37cr) same cr but with very short run times had a very high cr/effort (5x SETI).
The ss4 WU's (11.37cr) same cr but with run times longer than the original had very poor cr/effort (1/2 to 1/4 SETI). The lowest of any project I have participated in.
The new ss5 WU's (13.74cr) slightly more cr and slightly less time still have poor cr/effort (3/4 SETI).

Fixed credits are best used for increasing cr/effort above the CreditNew not for lowering it.

As I recall, the last BIG batches we ran, there was little difference between Windoz/Linux boxes, yet Windoz systems got half the credit. They then implemented the fixed points thing.

In the case where there is a substantial difference between apps according to the OS used, something else may work better... But everyone knows the credit new stuff is very problematic...

Soo, like einstien and others, fixed credit is probably the way to go for stable tasks of similar duration across OS's.... other than that, it's hard to figure out...

And remember, this is a Beta project too... so expect some glitches here and there... heck, expect glitches on every project at some point...



See my post under your thread Question about points- Win7 vs. Linux
I am not having an issue with Windows credits or times but Linux times are woeful and therefore the credit is woeful as well.

I stopped running Optima on my Linux computers as it is not worth the effort.

2) Message boards : Number crunching : Question about points- Win7 vs. Linux (Message 339)
Posted 2063 days ago by Profile Conan
A follow on to the above issue, is why does my AMD 64 Bit Linux computer take over Twice as long to do a WU than my AMD Windows 32 Bit computer?

There is only 200 Hz difference in the processor speed so that is not the problem.

Yes they get the same amount of credit per WU but my Linux computer is only getting 12 cr/h, whilst my Windows computer is getting close to 30 cr/h.

Windows 32 bit computer
Host 4417

Linux 64 bit computer
Host 2893

Does not make sense.

I was under the impression that 64 bit was equal to or much faster than 32 bit, not at this project apparently.

If it does not improve I will have make this a Windows 32 bit only project and move my 64 bit processors some place else.

3) Message boards : Number crunching : Can't Upload Work (Message 326)
Posted 2083 days ago by Profile Conan
Why is it not possible to recive work. I have repeatedly requested work but none is sent. Is the project finished?

Project not finished as far as I know.
I have manually requested work and just downloaded single work units on 3 computers.
So will see when these finish whether the computers will get more work or not.

4) Message boards : Number crunching : Can't Upload Work (Message 322)
Posted 2103 days ago by Profile Conan
I have 33 that have passed deadline, and 5 still to go.

Not sure I will get the points for them but at least no one else can get the resends and beat me returning them either.

5) Message boards : Number crunching : Can't Upload Work (Message 316)
Posted 2104 days ago by Profile Conan
Can download work but unable to Upload any Work Units at all.
Getting the following error

[OPTIMA@HOME] Error reported by file upload server: can't open file /var/lib/boinc/dcsdg/project/upload/3c8/smallexp_s1_ss14_120_2_n65706_0_0: No space left on device

This is on both Windows and Linux computers.

6) Message boards : Number crunching : Will there ever be work again? (Message 284)
Posted 2188 days ago by Profile Conan
And now they are back, grab the work units while you can.

7) Message boards : Number crunching : Will there ever be work again? (Message 283)
Posted 2199 days ago by Profile Conan
And then they was gone.

8) Message boards : Number crunching : 32 Bit v's 64 Bit (Message 221)
Posted 2714 days ago by Profile Conan
G'Day Mikhail

A separate 64 Bit executable may or may not be worthwhile. On some projects the 64 Bit is no faster than the 32 Bit (Primegrid is an example and I think YOYO as well) so no 64 Bit was built they just run the 32 Bit app on both 32 and 64 Bit machines.
This maybe the case with this project. The current app seems to run pretty quick, it is just the Boinc scoring system that is letting me down and awarding low credit.

As I said I may upgrade to 64 Bit anyway simply because that is the way things are going so it is probably a worthwhile exercise for me to attempt.

9) Message boards : Number crunching : 32 Bit v's 64 Bit (Message 217)
Posted 2715 days ago by Profile Conan
Not that I am aware of. I just thought that a 64 Bit programme usually is more efficient than 32 Bit so therefore runs quicker and gets more credit due to that reason.
I have since found out this is not always the case.

Perhaps it is another issue with the BOINC benchmarks.
The BOINC credit system still relies on this very inaccurate measure to work out the final credit to award.
So if a 32 Bit Linux host has a benchmark Integer speed of 5,200 MIPS against a 64 Bit machine with Integer speed of 18,000 MIPS, then I can see where the credit problem arises.

I will get to 25,000 points and then decide if I want to try the upgrade to 64 Bit, as I doubt it will go easy.
A lot of projects now require 64 Bit Linux if I want to run Linux on those projects (such as POEM), so it might be time to give it a go anyway.

10) Message boards : Number crunching : 32 Bit v's 64 Bit (Message 209)
Posted 2721 days ago by Profile Conan
Since joining this project in July it has taken me till now to get to 20,000 credits.
I seem to be averaging 14 cr/h which is not very high and in fact is quite low.
I have been doing quite a lot work units a day but can only manage around 500 RAC across 2 computers.
I run 32 Bit OS's.
I checked some 64 Bit computers and found that their WU's were getting more than double the cr/h that I was (over 30).

So my question, 64 Bit appears to be more efficient on OPTIMA than 32 Bit, is this correct ?

I ask this as I am doing 40 or more work units a day but my total just crawls along.
So either I upgrade to 64 Bit to get a decent rate of return or just keep what I have and move onto something else.

Not really wanting to bring up the credit issue but i am curious about the 64 Bit and 32 Bit thing.


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